Rural Women Health

Since Adolescent is an important stage as it has both immediate and long term effects on attitude and behavior among young girls, it is the time when physical and psychological changes takes place and characterized by several kinds of high-risk behavior like drug abuse, pre-marital sexual activity, increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS, the Literates Welfare Association implemented a Project for the benefit of Adolescent Girls on Reproductive health, sex and sexuality, risk of contracting HIV/AIDS in the villages belongs to Mayiladumparai Block in Theni District. Components of the Project include:

  • Improved knowledge on reproductive health among Adolescent girls;
  • Improved knowledge on precautionary measures to be taken prevent HIV/AIDS infection among the adolescent girls;
  • Behavioral changes evolved among the adolescent girls;
  • Enhanced self-esteem, developed individual creativity, capacity to reason, analyze and make decisions, evolved among the adolescents