Our Aims

  • Reduce the menace of poverty among the rural poor and build appropriate infrastructure through various rural development strategies;
  • Reduce water-borne disease by ensuring the availability of protected water for all the people in the target area through collective actions of possible stakeholders;
  • Facilitate the creation of appropriate Water and Sanitation facilities;
  • Reduce the problems in Reproductive Child Health through health care and awareness education;
  • Increase the income and income earning capacities of the target people especially poor, marginalized women through imparting skills required for involving in income generation activities and implementing income generation projects with the collective efforts of various stakeholders;
  • Eliminate child labor in the target area and providing rehabilitations measure for the overall development of children to build as the pillar of the nation in the future;
  • Empower women (Rural Poor, marginalized, disadvantaged) through various kinds of socio-economic and cultural interventions, developmental programs, capacity building actions etc. to play their due in the overall development process;
  • Conserve soil and water through watershed development actions and strengthening of water harvesting structures and practices