Kadamalaikundu-Mayiladumparai rural block is situated at the foot-hills of the Western Ghats in Theni district, a remote corner of the district in Tamil Nadu, S. India. This area is declared by the Government as Industrially-backward. Agriculture and Farmers Development is the main source of income – by farming and on work by the poor as wage-labourers. Monsoon is a regular failure in the region resulting in poor crop production and family poverty. Portion of the population from this region usually migrate to different distant places for eking their livelihoods, and female infanticide and Child Labour situations are quite common

Founded by G. Venkatesan, the Organization has grown steadily over the years since 1993,

  • Our Vision

    LAW Envisions To enable a  society at where the people live with pride prosperity  free from poverty Bondage, Violence and Obvious half risks and making them    towards sustainable and peaceful life style.

  • Our Mission

    Empowering and developing the intended communities and beneficiaries to build their own environment, necessary structures and solve their own problems and issues and to have greater control over all round development process and their dignity through assertion of their socio-economic rights to effectively use their collective power to enjoy good governance and to intervene effectively through Networks of community-based organizations in all issues
  • Our Strategy

    Our strategy and Core Value

    • Dynamic Leadership
    • Community Involvement in Planning
    • Decision Making
    • Innovative in approach, need based working
    • Minimizing efforts, maximizing approaches